Launching Northstar Firearms – Your Preferred Gun Dealer in South Florida

Launching Northstar Firearms – Your Preferred Gun Dealer in South Florida

Welcome to Northstar Firearms!

The team of Northstar Firearms is excited to announce the launching of our website ( on July 20, 2020.

Northstar Firearms, LLC. is a South Florida based FFL dealer that was founded in 2019 by Veterans and Gun Enthusiasts seeking to excel in customer service, price competitiveness and the variety of products offered. Northstar Firearms is the kind of dealer its founding members wished existed for many years, when they were consumers in the market.

By entering the e-commerce world, Northstar Firearms pursues expanding its reach from a local company serving the South Florida area, to serving customers located nation-wide. We are confident we can offer added value to our customers and site visitors, whether they end up buying a firearm or not, by means of sharing our knowledge, experience, tips, and advice in the world of guns, ammunition, accessories and related topics.

Northstar Firearms is determined to be your first and one-stop solution for acquiring anything from your first concealed carry gun to your 11th AR-15 rifle. Our friendly and always available staff is ready to help you through the process of buying a gun online; acquiring a suppressor or a Short Barreled Rifle; or to pick the right type of ammo for your gun and application. In our store, you will also find thousands of popular accessories such as red dots, flashlights, magazines, holsters, scopes and many more.

With a gun for every budget and preference, you won’t have any issues buying a striker fired pistol from the ubiquitous Glock 19 to a custom made, high-end 1911. In a similar fashion, we carry a large variety of AR-15 rifles ranging from value options to limited production series for the high end, competitive users. If you can’t find the gun that you want online, we’re always a phone call away; reach out to us and we’ll gladly locate and secure your dream firearm.