Glock G19 AVAILABLE For Sale

We have your next glock 19 for sale here!

The Glock 19 is considered by many as the perfect compact gun for use as a concealed carry or backup weapon. The Glock G19 proves to be as reliable as its bigger sibling the G17, but far more versatile thanks to its reduced dimensions. The Glock 19 continues to be, year-after-year, one of the most sold handguns in America, which is evidence that its reliability and simplicity make it the perfect choice for entry-level shooters or shooters looking for an infallible gun under stressful situations.

Glock 19 for sale

Quick Specs:

Caliber: 9×19
Barrel lenght: 4.02 inch
Weight (loaded): 30.16 oz
System: Safe Action
Mag. capacity: 15 rounds